Tin Universe Middle Grade Series.

Someone is zombifying athletes at Clear Cut High School in Utah. Lucky the school has its own young superhero in the person of Mildred Betbeze to try and figure out what's going on. Pep rallies, cheerleaders, new kids in the neighborhood are just some of things our hero and her sidekick slash best friend Aisha have to deal with in the first audio book adaption in Tin Universe's middle grade series. $2.00 Profits from the sales of this audio book will go to Trans Lifeline for as long as the books is sold on Podbean.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Tin Pod #14: Interview with Jenn Ollivier

Some people as soon you finish interviewing them you say to yourself I should have asked this this this this this this this and know you will be begging them to come back so you can ask those things. Jenn Ollivier is one of those type people :) I could have talked to Jenn for two hours going back to ask about different things.

Monday, January 2, 2017


Featured shows:

the monthly flagship show adapting every Tin Universe story one chapter every month. Also special episodes as we talk with artists, publishers, and crazies in general.

monthly we talk to our in apartment librarian about books, library issues, and programs. And also general fun. 

Every month three friends spend a good couple hours together eating, drinking. letting off steam, and being best friends for ever and eva. It's a mess to edit this madness but a lot of fun to be there. 

a bi-monthly audio fiction series that has to be every other month because it’s whole purpose is to piss off assholes. 

weekly show where to sleep a very tired, and sometimes drunk writer dumps out a wasteland of words and thoughts from his brain so he can reboot in the morning. A journal style show that more resembles days of Diaryland and daily Blogger updates than a normal podcast with rants on politics, faith, pop culture, and pain, tests of every beep and whistle during a podcasting learning process.

Also continuing in 2017 and going weekly are BRAIN LEAKAGE, our Doctor Who focused show, and I WISH I WAS BRAVE, our classic Valiant comics show. 

Starting in 2017 all Tin Pod Radio shows will also include an original audio story. Plus irregular shows when schedules fits, and fill ins when things go tits up.